Thank you for submitting your playlist to Tunemunk. With our tool, music producers and artists can now follow your playlist in order for them to submit music to you.
*** Please check your spam folder for incoming submissions. We're working on this fix.

Step 1: Locate Your Playlist

Find your playlists on the all playlists page here and begin to share that link with everyone!

Step 2: Add Your Playlist Gate Link On Your Social Profiles, Bios, Website, etc...

The more recognition you give to your playlist submission link, the better chances of getting more followers.

Step 3: Share Your Playlist in Spotify Trade Facebook Groups

There are quite a few Facebook groups with curators and music producers in them. Create a post saying that you are accepting submissions to your playlist if they submit via your link. You will see tons of submissions flood in.

Here’s some Facebook groups to check out.

Step 4: More Shares Views Means Higher Placements!

The playlists that are seen at the top of the list on the submit music page are based off of shares. If your playlist has more shares than any of the other playlists, Tunemunk’s algorithm will automatically push your playlist to the top of the page.

Step 5: Read This Guide on Playlisting

To learn how to become a better curator, you need to look into the Work Hard Playlist Hard book which teaches you how to build and grow your network, release music catered for certain playlists, and how to pitch to independent curators. Learn more here.

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