20 Services You MUST Use To Further Your Music Career

Growing your music career isn’t easy. It is one of the toughest challenges many face and standing out from the thousands of other artists is getting more and more difficult.

The success of your music career depends on your efforts to grow profits, gain an audience, and stand out from your peers. There are no overnight celebrities in this business, but there are several steps you must take to keep your music career moving forward. It takes time and effort. However, when you start seeing your fandom grow, you will that all of your effort getting to that point is well worth it. Here are some tips and services to consider if you wish to see your music career grow.

Logo Design

Having a good logo and a recognizable brand is essential. Logo design is an important tool when it comes to promoting your music identity, a show you may be performing at, or a label on your social media channels. The logo must have a unique design that artists can identify with and one that may leave a lasting impression on fans and future fans.

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Song & Album Artwork

While this may sound like a no-brainer to a lot of you, it’s more important than ever to invest in some well-designed artwork for your song and albums. With Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud becoming more and more visually appealing, your fans are judging you based upon the artwork you are choosing to represent your songs. One thing we never cheapen our music identity with is having a poorly designed cover photo.

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Professionally Written Artist Bio

Being able to have a clear, logical biography on your socials and Spotify profile is more important than you can imagine.

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EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Electronic Press Kits and creative writing can be essential for telling your story to the world. Not only can you use your electronic press kit and biography for your social media channels, but you can also send your EPK to music industry professionals, clubs, media, or anyone who might be interested in your work.


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Custom Website

With social media’s algorithm’s constantly changing, your Instagram followers may never see one of your posts again. This is why it is so important to have your own website and your own mailing list. It is one thing to have social media followers on platforms you can’t control, and it’s another thing to actually have those fans coming to your actual website. While WordPress is one of the more recommended content management platforms, start out with something inexpensive.


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Professionally Written Press Release

Having writer’s block when it comes to sharing the story about your song or album release? If you’re trying to get press coverage, you can’t just write “this is my best work yet.” You need to hook the writers, and to do so, you’ll need a professionally written press release. Sure you can hire a Public Relations firm for $1,500, or you can have your own press release written for just $20.

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Press Release Distribution

It’s important to get your press release on as many blogs within your industry, but it’s also important to try and get your press release indexed on Google News and other Press Release websites. This service will submit your press release and upload to Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC News.

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Professional Music Video

Think your song is good enough to have its own professional music video? According to your song’s music, this video editor will create a story and display it in a professional looking music video. Now your song can have the perfect music video that will go great for YouTube or any of your social media accounts.
Music Video

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Music Visualizer For Your Songs

Whether you’re an EDM producer or just want something a bit more simple than a music video, check out some of these incredible music visualizer videos you can get for cheap.
Music Visualizer

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Lyric Video

Lyric videos are all of the rage these days and rightfully so. Unfortunately, due to the amount of work that is involved for a lyric video, the prices remain a bit higher than a normal music visualizer video. For a professional lyric video and to stand out from the rest, there’s are incredible looking and highly engaging for your audience.
Lyric Video

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Your Music Video Professionally Edited

Say you already have a music video that you have recorded but just need someone to make it extra special. Drive your fans crazy with a teaser or a full-length, professionally enhanced music video.
Music Video Editing

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Your Song Played On The Radio

There are a lot of Radio Podcast listeners and people listening to the radio today. This gig will get your song promoted and played on the radio.

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Custom Merch

While you’re still trying to figure out different ways to make money from your music service, why not start trying to sell your brand and image to others? Have someone create a custom tshirt design for you and start your branding right away!

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Your Music Promoted To Radio Stations

Getting people to listen to your music is one of the key factors in breaking out as an artist. If you want to get heard by the people who control the airwaves, you’ll need to be connected for different music directors around the country.

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Social Media Management Service

A lot of musicians are creative and a bit shy. Because of this, a lot of musicians fail to handle their social media channels properly. This isn’t a knock against you, but know there are thousands of others just like you. So if that’s the case and you’re having trouble keeping up with the social media trends, you may want to hire a social media marketing manager.

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Session Musicians & Singers

Elevate your songs to the next level by working with real singers and session musicians. There are thousands of artists you can work with for as little as $10.
Ghost production

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Vocal Tuning Services

Ready to polish your song’s vocals and make sure they’re pitch perfect? Then you’ll want to work with these audio engineers to get your vocals just right.
Vocal Tuning

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Mixing & Mastering Services

Ready to polish your song’s vocals and make sure they’re pitch perfect? Then you’ll want to work with these audio engineers to get your vocals just right.
Mixing & Mastering

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Ghost Production Services

Ghost productions are getting more and more common. While we all know that many of today’s top artists already do this, you can now too. Hire credible ghost producers that have produced EDM songs that have been released on Spinnin, Armada, Ultra, and Revealed.
Ghost production

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Music Composer & Production Services

Need an original composition or beat progression? Then you’ll need to work with some excellent music composers and producers for as little as $5.

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