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Submitting Your Playlists

Tunemunk is completely FREE. Just submit your playlist here.

Hyping Your Playlists on Spotify

We recommend adding the words “to submit a song to this playlist, click here” to the end of your Spotify playlist description or tell people why kind of songs you wish to receive.

Hyping Your Playlists

While there are thousands of people on Tunemunk, we recommend adding this link to your website, social profiles, and sharing it on social media to try and get more submissions, which means more followers to your playlists.

More Tips and Tricks To Build Bigger Spotify Fan Base

To gain followers, you should also be a follower yourself. Seek out new artists and get to know other playlists that have followers. Study what it takes to be a good curator.

→ For Artists

Submitting Your Music

To submit your best songs to playlists, head over to one of the playlists that fit your genre the best on the tunemunk portal here.

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Bigger Fan Base Around Your Spotify Account and Spotify Playlists

Looking to gain Spotify followers? Welcome to our ultimate guide on building a better fan community around your music and Spotify playlists!

Why did we put this together for you? Three reasons:

  1. We believe that there are millions of talented artists around the world creating music that deserve the attention it deserves.
  2. We believe in helping artists, labels, and individuals succeed.
  3. We believe that this tool will help you get there.


Tunemunk was created to share the best playlists for artists to gain exposure while curators can grow their Spotify playlist followers with our free Spotify submission system. Once curators submit their playlist to our system, artists will have to follow the curator’s Spotify playlist and follow your Spotify profile before they can submit their music to you. Once the artist has submitted their music to you, you will receive an email with their track and you can decide whether you want to add the track or not to your playlist. Our song submission gates are free to use, simple and look great on all devices.