Sad Songs


It is good and gonna help you to get right song according to your mood.

Nostalgic Nocturnes

Step into a world of enchanting melodies and heartfelt tunes with our playlist, "Nostalgic Nocturnes." As the moon graces the sky and stars twinkle like distant memories, this collection of songs is your companion for those quiet, introspective nights.

Walk in like you own the place

"Welcome to the ultimate EDM Pop journey! Get ready to groove to the electrifying beats and infectious melodies of this handpicked playlist. From pulsating drops to catchy hooks, we've curated a collection of tracks that will make you dance like nobody's watching. Whether you're at the gym, cruising in your car, or just need a mood boost, our playlist is your go-to destination for a fusion of electronic and pop vibes. Press play and let the music take you to a world of endless energy and euphoria!"


This playlist features Travis Scott Genre


This playlist is a rap genre which features Polo G.