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a playlist for feeling like a villian who is going to take over the world.

Women Who Rock

Women Who Rock. A playlist featuring womxn bands, artists, musicians. Please submit your best tracks. Accepting unsigned artists as well as bigger ones. Most genres welcome, especially Rock sub-genres ;) If it's good, it goes on the playlist!

ba dum tss

This playlist features rock, indie, alt and a bit of punk etc a lot comes from unknown artists as well as quite a few mainstream ones.


Submit Your music,we shall listen and let you know if you made to the playlist

Approved New Song – Radio DonFabyo

Indie, Pop, EDM, Folk, Chill -50 songs will be exchanged! but each song stays in it for at least 2 weeks.] Approved New Songs - Radio DonFabyo - Add your Song here via Twitter: @Don_Fabio_IB

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