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Turntable Music for the lastest Independent music from the United States and abroad. Featuring today's top hits from unsigned artists ready to blow. To get playlisted contact Peyote Ayahuasca - peyote@precisefb.com

Hidden Literature

The Hidden Literature playlist is specifically created for songs which include a full length track of poetry, spoken word or part of a song that includes this art form. The Hidden Literature playlist includes various artists who deliver poetry accompanied with music or without.

Fly Priority

Weekly updated hip hop playlist with some of today's hottest artist and tomorrow's upcoming. Curated by a veteran dj in the game this playlist comes with so many more opportunities from shows, mixtapes, collab projects and more.


Classic, fun tunes to vibe to with friends. Features old school (Fugees), then (N.E.R.D.) and now (Rihanna).

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