Rap Music


Up to date and recent best of uk dril of year 2020 featuring big artists and groups and underrated artists

Teenager Vibes

This playlist is just a playlist of tons of songs from rap to rock to pop and just almost everything except sad music. This playlist will hopefully bring a good vibe to you and let you be you. Now c'mon and listen.


latest popular songs, few songs are sad but other than that theres not much rap songs

Just A Transition Playlist

smooth transitions between unrelated tracks and songs from albums. Set your crossfade to 7 sec to feel them bleed into each other. They start and end with a match (i have to point that detail out)

CAR Rap+HipHop

A collection of the best modern hiphop music with beats which might rip your ass into 32 according to your daddie AKA the world famous instagrammer @xo.viraj.xo

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