Rap Music


This RAP playlist created by curators over at NXT, features some of the biggest faces in hip hop. Artist like DaBaby, NBA Youngboy, Kevin Gates & more

Next Up… the 🎶 HIT LIST

Next up ... are some of the Hottest🔥 songs 🎶 from artists, heard and unheard of! Add this playlist & if you hear👂🏾something you like♥️, be sure to add➕ it to your Library.

❕Banger New – Banger Old❗️

A playlist for R&B, Rap, Pop music lovers new and old. This playlist is for getting hyped at a party or chillin on the couch and trying to listen to songs you can swing your arms too.


This is an Australian/Drill rap playlist featuring many great songs!


This playlist is just a general mix of rap and other genres. Hope you enjoy!

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