This playlist features Travis Scott Genre


This playlist is a rap genre which features Polo G.

Tunemunk Records

Hi Tunemunk ive been making music for a while since i was small and i always get people saying its gonna be my job one day sending this in because i am finally trying to put myself out there after years of work have a listen i cannot be defined to one style

American Punk Rock

The most big an awesome skate punk playlist! Only the best skatepunk songs of the best bands

Top music

Artiștii prezenți in playlistul meu sunt artiști pe care majoritatea lumii ii asculta și sunt plăcuți de multă lume

Rock/Metal Playlist

Heavy metal and rock songs to get motivated to. This is my go-to playlist when I’m at the gym or just exercising in general. Will rarely be updating the playlist, but if I do it’s most likely removing songs.