Old feels

Just some childhood songs from footloose - buttons lol. Mainly pop from 1980- 2010

Calloway Curated

Embark on a journey of the next sonic trends. Showcasing the newest game-changers, the throwback influencers, and the hottest wave-makers. Curated by the legendary Hip Hop family, the Calloway’s.

Discover | Rock

Discover hot and brand new Rock Songs of Bands like Johnny Task Force, even temper, Die Traktor, Open Parachine, Breath After Coma, Tok Rukoo and many more ...


This EP/Playlist is a hardcore hip hop/Trap style. It's 6 songs long and features Reggae Artist, "Sugardaddy" from the Vybez Studio Label in Basel with MineBlown.

Women’s Month

March is Women's Month - listen to some of the most amazing female artists around!

Primary Sports

Whether its skiing, basketball, football, hockey or even just watching from the stands, get in the proper frame of mind with this playlist!