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WoahDee – Educated Thug

Bold, daring, and impossible to ignore. Welcome to the charisma-dripped world of WoahDee, an emerging hip-hop artist from Baltimore who is currently bringing his boundary-breaking anthems to the global stage. His style is hard and dirty whilst still infusing emotion-dripped bars and an astoundingly authentic delivery into every line. The kind of tracks that you come to time and time again for a regular bop and fix of intoxicating, rap-induced bliss. What makes him so unique is his versatility. The rapper has an astounding ability to dip into so many different styles and create something insanely fresh. He’s pioneered his own style that he classifies as “DomeStyle”, an ultra-modern approach to hip-hop that brings hustle-fuelled lyricism to bass-heavy trap-influenced beats. His flow is utterly unmatched and hits hard through ferocious flows that inspire and open minds.

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