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Kings of Lesotho

There's a country fully inside another country, Lesotho, a small Kingdom completely inside South Africa, these two countires have legally recognised boundaries set using the use of borders, a developing country blessed in a variety of arts including music, from trap, afro jazz, hiphop, gospel music etc. We took it upon ourselves to compile some of the all time biggest songs to the in the urban hiphop/kwaito and related genres field. ENJOY MUSIC FROM THE URBAN "KINGS OF LESOTHO"

Pyaar ♥

Hindi hits, for when you are falling in love. Desi love songs for the butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of love moment.

One Last Ride

Would you regret everything if this was your last car ride? Relive the life you never lived. One last time. Featuring all the best blasts from the past, travel back in time as you hit 88mph.

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