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Rock music from mainly under the radar bands from the uk alt rock, post punk, metal, grunge, hard rock, post rock, indie

Warped Tour Ear Candy

With Vans Warped Tour being one of the most iconic rock music festivals in history we thought it was only appropriate to dedicate a playlist to rock artists of all sub genres that have played Warped Tour or sound like they should play Warped Tour. Updating frequently for your listening pleasure.


classic rock songs which we haven't heard in a while, and other less known rock songs, that resonate with the mood of this summer. it constantly gets updated with more songs that i absolutely love - it could be their brilliant lyrics or their brilliant sound that catch my attention.

Ninelives metalcore X Post-Hardcore X Alternative

A brand new playlist featuring a mix of the best tracks in the Metalcore, Post-Hardcore and Alternative genres. Also some Hardcore too! featuring the likes of: Motionless In White, I Prevail, Wage War, Architects, Northlane.

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