The Sultan – Monsters

Modern-Oriental Pop Music Artist and Innovation enthusiast. Go ahead and check me out on YouTube and Social Media.


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Approved New Song – Radio DonFabyo

Indie, Pop, EDM, Folk, Chill -50 songs will be exchanged! but each song stays in it for at least 2 weeks.] Approved New Songs - Radio DonFabyo - Add your Song here via Twitter: @Don_Fabio_IB

tiktok october 2020

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The fist playlist without genre/gender open to new artist mostly with Spanish lyrics. Artist like Arca, AntuAntu and Kilnamana.

Jeffrey Epsteins Reggae and salsa collection

This is a mix of music found from Central, South and Caribbean America. It combines many genres, with a primary focus on reggae and salsa, but also including boogaloo, calypso, ska and many more. It has music from artists such as Bob Marley, Joe Arroyo, Toots and the Maytals, as well as smaller and more exclusive groups and individuals.

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