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christmas playlist

Loads of tradition carols on this list some more than once from different writers and artists please submit carols and songs from your neck of the woods

New Erist

This playlist is for the new artist with fresh sounds

Anara Publishing Radio

I look at placing songs in film and tv for Anara Publishing, so I listen to hundreds of songs everyday. The playlist is a selection of the best songs that I come across, genre varies but there’s a lot of chilled indie vibes.

KNDELA! 🇨🇺 Cubaton Hits 2018 Havana Cuba

Cubaton has had a breakthrough year with a different latin fresh sound. Infused with Cuban salsa and timbale beats, it's powerful rhythm and accompanying mambo, rumba and hip-hop dance styles (we the chill two-step the "Cuban dos pasos") distinctly breaks away from the popular genre Reggaeton from Peurto Rico. Artist like Chacal, Gente de Zona, Jacob Forever, Yomil y Dany, Harryson, and Chocolate MC have been some of the most popular Cuban artists in this genre to have top charting hits on the Latin charts. The most popular songs played in nightclubs in Havana are by popular local artists like El Negrito, Manu Manu, El Kokito , El Taiger, El Enviado all produced by the chart topping DJ and producer DJ Unic. The new generation of independent artists will become a dominant force in spreading the Cubaton sound and movement around the world with original music from the streets of...