Whiskey Jams

Presented by Nashvillenow, featuring the best music for kicking back and enjoying a drink. From classics, like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, to new outlaws, like Chris Stapleton, this playlist will have you pouring all night.

Goodmorning Guitar

Good Morning! Get your day started with a cup a' joe and this beautiful hand-chosen selection of soothing acoustic guitar. It's a beautiful day, what's your rush?

christmas playlist

Loads of tradition carols on this list some more than once from different writers and artists please submit carols and songs from your neck of the woods

Parcel of Love

This is a compilation for songs that take me back, similar to something like a time capsule for artists like The Smiths, Talking Heads, New Order, The Cure, etc.

Anara Publishing Radio

I look at placing songs in film and tv for Anara Publishing, so I listen to hundreds of songs everyday. The playlist is a selection of the best songs that I come across, genre varies but there’s a lot of chilled indie vibes.