This playlist features Travis Scott Genre


This playlist is a rap genre which features Polo G.

nicotine gum

This playlist consists of a bunch of different indie artists and underground and not as popular songs. Some of the artists are, boygenius, Dominic Fike, Lucy Dacus, Big Thief, MUNA, and many more.

Summer Soundwaves

Summer Soundwaves is a term that represents the vibrant and energetic music scene during the summer season. It encapsulates the spirit of summertime, with its catchy tunes, upbeat rhythms, and lyrics that often revolve around themes like love, freedom, and celebration. Summer Soundwaves is all about the songs that dominate the airwaves, party playlists, and beach gatherings during the warmer months.

Top Punjabi Hits

Indian Punjabi music is blowing in all the world. Music is making record every day how it’s in HipHop, Drill, Folk. Here’s the top Punjabi songs of 2023 which update weekly. Stream Now 🎧