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High Road Publicity's official playlist for our favorite indie rock, indie pop, folk, and alternative tracks. Basically Coachella

Moanin’ at Midnight

We all need a good soundtrack to be Moanin’ at Midnight. Longing for something undefined. It’s midnight. You’re moanin’. Here’s the songs to that.

As Mais Tocadas De 2018

Lista,feita pela Spotyfi,mediante,o qoue mais ouvi Em 2018,espero que gostem,muitas músicas e artista consagrados,e irão Um forte e um sincero abraço,espero que curtem,ouçam Comentem,compartilhe e se apaixona,até feliz ano novo Muito bem vindos,e que a emo~ção,tome conta de seu coração

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Beneath The Surface

Beneath the surface is a playlist dedicated to the artist who are just under the radar of mainstream notoriety. This list consists of artists signed and independent of all stripes. (Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Folk, EDM and Carribean)

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