Female Soul Voices

A stunning selection of female voices ranging from blues, folk, soul and reggae. All songs have meaningful lyrics and can help inspire you after a long day.

Chill Instrumental

Take your socks off, dim the lights and chill out to some relaxing guitar and piano instrumentals while you're winding down or entertaining a stoned party.

Beautiful and Sad

A beautiful collection of talented covers and inique fresh songs of emerging artists!

Sonic Caffeine: Mood Boosting Music

The only playlist you'll ever need. Start your day right with the perfect mix of mood-lifting songs of the last 30 years. Listen to the mood boosting song while you're working, driving or at home in the evening. Selective vibes for the soul. A mix of many genres but glued together into one mood.

our moody playlist

A playlist that you can listen to when doing your homework or going through a hard time. This is the playlist when you just feel like listening to moody music. Our email: Almost 200 followers on the playlist!