Pop Playlist

The best pop songs of all time are groundbreaking, chart-topping, downright famous hits that'll have you singing at the top of your lungs.

Next Up

A Playlists for dope upcoming and coming Hip Hop Artists who have potential to be the face of hip hop and have a low following but are right at the edge of blowing up and need to get over the hump as their music deserves to be heard by the world.

Gospel Raps

Combination of different gospel rappers like Lacrae, Gavvi, Wande and other gospel rappers.

My Playlist #1

I am putting together a playlists with different genres...It will consists of many different artists mostly R&B, Reggaeton & Reggae Dancehall, Hip Hop, Pop, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Jazz. etc. Furthermore, the music artist I mostly listen to is the The Weekend. He is always consistent and doing something new