Chill Music

Good Vibes 2020

Chill lofi hihphop. I don't know how much inspiration gave me these songs for me. Jdilla, Madlib, Flying lotus, The Foreign Exchange, Daedelus, Prefuse 73 and etc

Overlook BNE

Overlook BNE is designed to share vibing summer house music. If it has catchy vocals and high energy, we want it on our playlist. Updated monthly.

Just Beats | Instrumental Hip Hop

Boom Bap, Jazz type Beats, lofi, Study Music for the listener. This playlist has similar artists like J Dilla, Tall Black Guy, Madlib, Pete Rock etc. If you would like to submit to this playlist, hit @noble_dru on IG.

Smooth Hiphop / Jazz/ R&B

Jazz Inspired beats with fat basslines. These beats give you feels. Featuring; The Breed, Masego, J'san , Tom Misch, xPanda, Kiefer, Uyama Hiroto.

Chillhop / Lo-Fi Beats

Main Genres: Hip Hop, Jazz Boom Bap, Chill, Relax, Study, Work, Sleep Beats. Featuring music from Chillhop Music, Inner Ocean, Pueblo Vista. It contains Nymano, Plusma, Philantrope, Dontcry, quickly quickly, Flitz&Suppe, H.1 and many others. Submissions: @visionvibemusic on Instagram.

Random Playlist

Random Playlist is for all people. It has various different songs like rap, rock, jazz, etc. All could go there and hear the songs also please do follow.

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