Playlist with songs and artists full of deeper thought and emotion. Very relatable music


Destinada a promover la movida del under y las bandas emergentes de Argentina. Se escucha todo el material enviado. Preferentemente rock alternativo, post punk, indie, new wave

IDVI’s Top Hot Artists

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Euro Step HipHop 4ever part -7

Curated By Dj EmpathY #HipHop4ever2020. To truly immerse yourself into the empathetic experience you must play this playlist on shuffle. #Enjoy!

I’ve Got SuM SH1T 4 DAT ASSZZ!@@@&&*&

HipHop on FIRe! Curated by Dj EmPatHY. Playlist Listening Instructions: In order to completely immerse yourself into this experience right here you need to let the universe take over and put this particular playlist on shuffle.

Summer Thoughts

This playlist is a collection of thoughts one might have in the summer. From love, heartache, loneliness to just plain feeling good and not to forget in light of the recent tragedies to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Let us not forget.

@ home

A chill, laid-back playlist with a generally happy vibe to play throughout the house during iso times.

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