Calming Audio

Calming Audio is a YouTube channel that provides thousands of hours of relaxing music, soothing sounds, and peaceful nature sounds. Relaxing music is great for calming the mind and body, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation. Calming Audio’s music has been featured in Fox news, ABC, and NBC.

Relaxing Piano Music

Best Fan Sound

Cicada Sound

Sleep Sounds Deep White Noise

Water Sounds

White Noise Black Screen

Study Power

Música Para Dormir

Bebês com Cólica Adoram Esses Sons de Sono

Sons da Cidade e Sons da Estrada

Dishwasher Sound for Sleep

City Park Sounds for Relaxation, Study, Ambience

Clothes Dryer Sleep Sound

Heartbeat Sound of Human Heart Rate and Pulse

Docked Boat and Harbor Sound

Grey Noise Ambient Sleep Sound

Singing Bowl Mallet Sounds

Nighttime Frog Sounds and Pond Nature Sounds

Leaves Blowing in the Wind

Crickets Sound and Crickets Chirping at Night

Evening Bar Crowd Sound

White Noise for Baby

Sleep Instantly Within 3 Minutes with Heavy Rain & Thunder Noise

Vacuum Sound & Hoover Noise

Cafeteria Background Noise & Cafe Sounds

Rain on Metal Roof & Raindrops Falling on Tin Roof

Waterfall Sound & Nature Waterfall

Casino Sound Effects and Jackpot Sound

Cat Purring Sound

Relaxing Music & Rain Sounds

Frog Sounds & Relaxing Frog Noises

Farm Sounds & Farm Animal Noise

Forest Sounds for 10 Hours for Sleep, Relaxation, Studying

Brown Noise – Brown Noise Generator Sound

Sleeping Music and Soft Music for Sleep

Blizzard, Snowstorm & Howling Winds

Zen Garden Spa Music & Japanese Garden

Hair Dryer Noise

Coffee Shop Background Sounds

Cafe Sounds

Thunder and Lightning Sounds

Celestial White Noise

Hail Sounds on Car & Heavy Rain

Violet Noise & Purple Noise

Tibetan Bowl Sound & Meditation Noise

Air Conditioner Sound

Campfire Sounds

Bamboo Water Fountain Sounds

Bird Sounds & Bird Noises

Bathroom Fan Noise